Buyer's Process

Our Experience Is Your Advantage

Work Exclusively With Your Realtor: Some buyers erroneously believe it is better to work with a conglomeration of agents, when in fact, an exclusive relationship yields better results. If the Realtor is confident in your loyalty, and vice versa, you are assured you are at the top of their list. Do you want to be first on your agent’s mind or seen as simply another caller? One of your largest financial transactions deserves a personalized touch.

Discuss Your Needs And Expectations With Your Realtor:
Desired home location, size, style, features, etc. vary between clients; no two are the same. When hiring a Realtor, have an honest conversation about all aspects of the process and transaction. This can include price point to preferred contact method to favored days/times for showings. During this interview, your Realtor will also explain whatever you need to know and expect when buying a home.

Pre-Qualify for a Loan to Determine Your Price Range:
Having clear financial backing is crucial for a Realtor to negotiate on your behalf. A seller needs to be sure you are financially qualified, and proper preparation can make all the difference in a bidding war.

Target Locations within Your Price Range: After pre-qualifying for a loan, your Realtor can introduce neighborhoods and homes meeting your price range and desired characteristics.

Attend Open Houses: If you attend an Open House without your Realtor, be sure to inform the listing agent you are working with a Realtor. The agent holding the Open House will request you sign the register. Do so, but list only your full name, Realtor’s name, and Realtor’s contact information. This will prevent representation confusion on behalf of the listing agent.

Contact Your Realtor If an Advertised Home Interests You: Do not call the ad’s listing agent for four reasons:
  1. Directly contacting the listing agent will cause confusion representation.
  2. Your Realtor should be entirely aware of homes that interest you.
  3. Your Realtor is probably familiar with the home and can discuss the features, etc. and can arrange a showing.
  4. The listing agent’s primary goal is to sell you the house you inquired about.

The Radcliffe Group Will Work to Find Your Dream Home: Working exclusively with a Realtor will improve and simplify the home buying experience. With vast networks and resources, your Realtor will guarantee you see every home that suits your needs in addition to those coming onto market. The Radcliffe Group utilizes the Multiple Listing Service, meaning we have access to industry real estate brokerage firms’ listings and agent information, and because of our relationship with the brokerage community, we are privy to homes not listed for sale on the open market. Your Realtor will also be looking to the classifieds and real estate sections of the newspaper for appropriate properties.

Success! You Have Possibly Found Your New Home! You and your Realtor will determine the home’s value based on the area’s recent sales comparable to the home. Your Realtor’s responsibility is to keep abreast of market trends, including recent home sales in and around the area you are looking. Determining and clearly communicating the home’s value is critical. Your Realtor must structure your offer with terms and protection.

Make Your Offer: Once completing the purchase agreement, your offer is submitted to the seller’s agent, sometimes with the seller present. Negotiations follow which often included several counteroffers between you and the seller. It is important to negotiate within a timely manner to avoid another buyer’s influence. A skilled and experienced Realtor can make all the difference in either securing the home throughout negotiations.

Open Escrow: After an agreement has been reached between you and the seller, your Realtor opens the escrow. The escrow process is explained in detail by your Realtor and the escrow officer.

Escrow Instructions: Both parties and representatives will receive the same escrow instructions to review and approve.

Inspections: Your new home will be inspected by outside professionals to determine its condition. Your Realtor will introduce you to the inspectors, wherein you will choose which inspectors you approve. If you are uncomfortable with any of the inspectors’ reports, you are free to cancel escrow and your deposit will be returned after both parties have signed cancellation instructions.

Paperwork and Financing: After all inspections are completed and the closing date approaches, the escrow company will notify you with instructions regarding the final loan papers and the down payment deposit. Your choice of lender will make a significant difference, thus your Realtor will advise you about quality lenders and their programs.

Final Walk Through: Just before closing, you and your Realtor will perform a final walk-through to insure the home is in the same condition as when you submitted your initial offer.

Congratulations! You’ve Closed Escrow and You’re Ready to Move into Your New Home: Buying or selling a home is one of life’s most stressful activities, but with The Radcliffe Group it doesn’t have to be. We are here throughout the entire process.

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